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Everonn Skill


Everonn Skill Development Limited (ESDL) is a subsidiary of Edification India Limited. ESDL and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) have formed International Skills School (ISS) through a joint initiative to create a pan-India skill development infrastructure. Over 100 courses across 9 sectors are offered at various locations across India. ESDL has been mandated to skill and place 15 million youth by 2022.

ESDL has in a very short span of time emerged as the leading skill development company in India. The focus of the company is to establish, manage and operate skill development centers across India to act as a bridge between unemployed youth and the industries seeking skilled manpower.

ESDL offers both entry- and advanced - level courses. While the entry-level courses aims to impart employable skills the advanced-level courses enable the existing industrial workforce acquire skills for vertical and horizontal mobility through a wide range of up skilling and cross skilling programs.